COVID-19 Update

Enjoy your holidays with safety and responsibility

As health and safety remain our main priority, we have taken measures such as social distancing, reinforced car cleaning and provision of personal protective equipment to our staff, in order to ensure the safety of our community.

Read more about the health and safety measures below:

Bus Tours and Transfers

  • There are antiseptics available on the buses. Passengers must disinfect their hands before entering the busses.
  • We accomplish meticulous disinfection after each transfer and after the end of the shift.
  • The surfaces and the frequent contact points inside the vehicles are cleaned and disinfected.
  • The drivers use the necessary personal protective equipment (gloves, masks).
  • The 50-seat buses, are strictly allowed to transport up to 65% of their maximum capacity.
  • Vehicles up to 5 seats are allowed to transfer one passenger, excluding the driver.

Exceptionally, the transportation of a second passenger is permitted only as long as they are in attendance of a person who comes to their assistance.

  • Vehicles of 7 seats are allowed to transfer 3 passengers, excluding the driver.
  • Vehicles of 8 or 9 seats are allowed to transfer 5 passengers, excluding the driver.
  • The exceedance of this passenger limit can only be possible in case there are minor children accompanied by their parents in the vehicle. If the children are adults, they should present an ID or other official document (passport or driver’s license).
  • In the 50-seat buses, the passengers must enter from the front and exit from the back so as to avoid to intersect.
  • The use of mask is mandatory for all passengers. The entry to our means of transport will be denied to anyone who fails complying with the rules.

For further questions, bookings or travel information, our reservations team is at your full disposal and will be delighted to assist you via email at